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US Dollar hit bottom

On 2017-07-27, the key message from the Fed is that it is going to shrink the balance sheet "relatively soon".

The market sentiment appears that the most equity fund managers are bullish of the markets - VIX has been consistently low; whereas bond fund managers are cautious.  Most of the fund managers that long the dollar and they had been bleeding.

Personally, I believe that the dollar should have hit its bottom and the trend reversal should take place soon. 

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Is High Yield Bond Liquid?

Since 2007-2009 financial crisis, the trading environment for fixed income credit has changed.  We have been told that the regulation change such as the introduction of the Basel III and etc had made the bond trading, in particularly high yield bond illiquid and as a result trading cost high?  Is that true?

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美元是“王者归来”还是另一轮熊市的开始? 以下是肖磊的观点,其认为有三大理由相信是另一轮熊市的开始。

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What has happened to the Markets?

Year 2016 started off with lots of negative news.  John Authers of Financial Times, listed down 12 guilty parties causing the market turmoil.  From my view, here are the key ones:

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